The Games in Basic Skills Teaching (GBT) project is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to explore the use of analogue and digital games in basic skills teaching. The project introduces games into the teaching of this specific target group, as games transform the classrooms in which they are used. They can create immersive worlds and offer challenging tasks while introducing a new form of interaction into the learning process. The project uses both analogue and digital games, approaches from simple role-playing games and card games to virtual reality games and augmented reality applications with game-like elements. The project team also considered issues like the integration of games into existing curricula and/or how best to deal with the time constraints imposed by established lesson structures. The project team shares their insights in the form of Open Educational Resources via multiple channels (e.g. Facebook and YouTube). They are also creating an open training course on CANVAS called “Changing the Game” to provide details on their systematic approach on integrating games in teaching practice.