by Maria Storm-Holm

A Hybrid and Gamified School

At VUC, we try to incorporate game-based learning and teaching as a natural part of learning designs and teaching. To motivate and inspire the students attending school and to help them succeed with their education we bring both analog and digital games to teaching, e.g. E-sport, VR and Active Floor. Furthermore, at VUC we have established a new Nordic Center for Digital Andragogy, which among several other usages offers courses including participation of foreign visitors, e.g. in connection with Erasmus+ projects.
Getting further knowledge and experience about GBL and teaching, it becomes increasingly obvious how important it is to incorporate games in your teaching. As a teacher, it is important to think differently about how you define successful teaching, e.g. in regards to the loss of control – when handing control over to the students, that you know they are playing and you as the teacher can still be confident that they are learning something.

Incorporating GBL in teaching as a natural part of the classroom is crucial, as it can help motivate students to attend school and improve their learning outcomes. To equip teachers accordingly, their competences need to be constantly developed, e.g. by strategically engaging with national and international projects as well as continuously developing and applying innovative learning designs to ensure varied groups of students can be supported.

GBL can…
provide motivation and help students succeed with their education – which may lead to an improvement of the social mobility in a country.

GBL cannot…
replace the teacher.