by Theresia Zimmermann

To what extent may (interactive) storytelling contribute to an immersive learning experience?

Narratives provide an opportunity to convey intended messages. To ensure that the author‘s message is understood by all players, a linear narrative structure may be the best option. Interactive or adaptive narrative structures, however, allow the story to be tailored to the individual player. Integrated details should always be relevant to the game context itself and the game‘s target audience.
Storytelling can also be used as a method that allows students to explore their own narratives. Their own interactive stories can be created by using open source software such as Twine. Game-Based Learning can be used to experience scenarios that would not be possible in the conventional classroom environment. Students can try out different courses of action in the role of fictional characters and experience the consequences of these decisions in a simulated world. To help teachers with developing an awareness of using GBL in their practice, regular information events could be organized, such as workshops where teachers can also try out games and applications themselves.

GBL can…
support immersive learning experiences.

GBL cannot…
be an adequate substitute for learning manual tasks. However, GBL can be employed to try out perilous manual tasks first in a safe virtual games environment.