Escape Rooms can be used to explore a wide range of topics with learners in a completely different way. Most Escape Room scenarios start with a background story. The case presented here, for example, is a scenario that enables you to practise the basic principle of an Escape Room with your colleagues, and at the same time make them experts in multimodality.

You may use this background story when playing this escape room with your colleagues:
“Your students have complained about your old- fashioned school methods to the administration of Charles Darwin high school, who are asking you for an explanation. You decide to conduct the next courses differently to make your students smile again by applying the principles of multi-modality. It is not a matter of them keeping a bad image of these first courses. Worse still, they desert the place.
But first you have to secure your position by presenting one combination of engaging modality with the corresponding implementation scenario at the administrative meeting held in 45 minutes. A combination consists of a tool, a strategy and a location. You have to find them all in the room. When you get them, identify the perfect match between the right combination and the right scenario to illustrate your choice and prepare your interview with administrative staff.”

Have you ever faced this situation before? Don‘t panic! More experienced colleagues have offered to advise you. Organize your time and work in groups to manage this situation before time runs out. Don‘t forget that in 45 minutes your destiny will be settled. But it‘s going to be fine!

The complete STEAM Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit provides you with all the materials you need to create your own individual Escape Room scenarios for your students.