The curriculum is an output of the GATE:VET project and aims to guide teachers to integrate games and game elements into their VET teaching scenarios and to create gamified learning environments. The curriculum provides (VET) teachers an overview of GBL and presents basics, concepts, practical examples and procedures of gamification. In addition, teachers will be familiarised with the platforms developed in the project-the wiki and the app.
In addition to the curriculum, guidelines have been developed in German, Danish and Romanian. They include a summary on suggestions and recommendations on how teachers can gamify their lessons (with links to wiki and app) and provide information on the content, structures and implementation of the GATE:VET curriculum.
The GATE:VET curriculum was implemented during a three-day training-of-trainers workshop for teachers from Germany, Denmark and Romania.
The participating teachers were trained to act as multipliers in their respective schools and design their own training programmes for the gamification of teaching content.

Based on your insights, GBL can…
help teachers to make their lessons more attractive and increase the motivation of the students.

Based on your insights, GBL cannot…
convince every teacher of its benefits.