The Academy for Vocational Training (AFBB) operates several vocational schools in Dresden, Berlin and Cologne (Germany). The various training courses are characterised by high quality as well as practical relevance and lead to recognised qualifi cations. AFBB has extensive experience in the implementation of EU-funded projects as lead and project partner and, together with national and international partners, has successfully collected expertise in the creation of concepts for modernising teaching. In that context, the use and integration of digital technologies and digital methods play a crucial role, not only for the general digitization strategy of the school, but also for the integration of results and experience from projects in that sector.

Madeleine Diab
Bettina North

Named the United Kingdom’s Modern University of the Year by the Times and Sunday Times (2014, 2015 and 2016), Coventry University has a reputation for excellent teaching and research, business engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship. It has an extensive track record in engagement with Europe and European research and development and widely recognised experience in the delivery of Framework Programme activity (FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020) with European collaborative management experience from lead and partner roles on Leonardo, Erasmus, INTAS, DAPHNE, Socrates, INFO 2000, MLIS, Promise, Erasmus+ and EuropeAid projects. COVUNI has a substantial experience in Game-based learning and teaching with focus on design and the development of serious games, mapping learning mechanics to game mechanics and enacting associated pedagogical approaches to create a balance between entertainment and learning in game aspects. Complementary expertise such as game assets development, and games evaluation using in-game analytics as well as qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies are essential elements of our repertoire to measure the impact of the game-based intervention. COVUNI designs, develops and evaluates games for enhancing teachers’ teaching and amplifying student learning, digital competencies and social inclusion in pedagogically meaningful ways.

Petros Lameras

Established in 2010, Dresden University of Applied Sciences (FHD) is a private, state-approved German university. Currently, there are more than 600 students studying in seven accredited Bachelor degree programs (full time and extra-occupational degrees): Business Administration, Logistics Management, Tourism and Event Management, Graphic Design, Media Informatics/Media Design, Digital Education Management, Nursing & Health Care Management and Social Pedagogy & Management. FHD focuses its research strategy both on societal challenges and on mid-sized structures as a driving force behind a positive social development. FHD’s research and transfer projects contribute greatly to the management of structural change in the world of employment and focus particularly on the mid-sized sector and the life-long development of individual knowledge and competencies.

Maik Arnold
Helge Fischer
Josefine Müller

Pioneer in Digital training for the last 10 years, Manzalab combines neurosciences, gamification and new technologies to design and develop immersive and impactful experiences. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, combining skills from video games, software engineering, design management and UX/UI, the company based in Paris and Aix en Provence has been able to deliver more than 200 projects to clients and partners, including 17 Research & Development projects focusing on training and remote collaboration in virtual environments.

Stéphanie Philippe
Valérie Radelet
Jazmin Zaraik

VUC Storstrøm is an Adult Education Centre and a self-governing institution under the Ministry of Education. VUC Storstrøm offers general adult education, higher preparatory examination, preparatory adult education (basic skills) and several special programs for learners with special needs, as well as custom-tailored courses for companies. VUC Storstrøm is a hybrid school with modern learning technology and covers the largest geographical area in Denmark in the Adult Education Sector. Via education, we wish to strengthen young people and adults’ active involvement in society and their opportunities to improve their own lives. We give weight to development and international cooperation, offering educational and professional competences of a high standard. VUC Storstrøm is experienced in the role as both partner and lead partner in international projects, such as EC programmes, Danish network projects, regional development projects, and development and implementation of Global Classroom, our USDLA award winning learning concept. Through these projects and activities, VUC Storstrøm has experience within digital facilitation of teaching, meetings and seminars. As part of the development strategy at VUC Storstrøm we are working with games in education on several levels, from basic skills training to higher preparatory or high school level. We have developed our own gamifi ed learning management system, Global Academy, which we use in both a traditional school setting, but also in a company training environment.

Maria Storm-Holm

„Nicu Gane“ National College from Fălticeni (Romania) is a general secondary school founded in 1870. At present there are about 1200 students studying in the following areas: Informatics (VET part of the school – about 600 students), Natural Sciences, Modern Languages and Social Sciences. CNNG is an ECDL accredited high school for Fălticeni students and has a CISCO local academy. A strategic goal of the Institutional Development Plan is preparing the graduates for the requirements of the information society, especially the use of new technologies. CNNG has been involved in several Erasmus+ projects (mobility projects and strategic partnership projects).

Ioan Caulea
Florin Ilincăi