The main aim of the Erasmus+ project GATE:VET is to expand the methodological repertoire of teachers at vocational schools by giving them the opportunity to enrich their classes with educational games and raise awareness for GBL. The gamification of teaching content and the underlying concepts can improve the learning success of students. Enhancing the learning experience stimulates positive emotions that have a beneficial effect on the learning process.
For this purpose, two platforms (wiki and app) were developed to provide a variety of training materials for creating gamified teaching settings. These platforms can further be used to explore the theoretical background of GBL-related concepts and terms.
The project also developed a curriculum for training teachers. It shows them how to use the resources and platforms provided and then act
as multipliers in their respective institutions. In addition, there was a
training-of-trainers activity involving teachers from the schools participating in the project.
As part of the project, an international conference was hosted by project coordinators AFBB in June 2021: the European Gamification in Education Conference. The virtual event took place in and provided a space for exchange for educators and researchers interested in all things GBL. Some of the presenters also contributed entries to this digital handbook sharing their knowledge, perspectives and experiences with the theory and/or practice of GBL.

GBL can…
be a stimulating and activating addition to VET lessons, as it can specifically target transversal professional competences (such as teamwork).

GBL cannot…
substitute a pedagogically designed lesson, as it needs to be adapted to the learners, the purpose and the environment within which it is used.