Learning should be fun and the use of game-based learning activities in the classroom can be easy. As many articles in this handbook show, games can enhance the learning experience, increase students’ motivation and playing can function as an active learning activity. Thus, it can be beneficial to include some gamified materials and activities in teaching practice, given the principles of GBL theory are applied, but teachers may have asked themselves questions like: What’s with all the terms and theories? Do I have the time to get my head around this? We believe they can definitely get their heads around this and it requires less time than one would think.

With GATE:VET, we want to support teachers at schools in expanding their methodological repertoire. We want to show them how they can enrich their classes – from introducing basic gamified learning activities into their everyday practice to developing elaborate serious games. Therefore, we developed a platform where teachers have the opportunity to find game-based teaching materials, develop and adapt them to their needs and then use them in their own lessons. The theoretical definitions and explanations of game-theoretical content are linked to a variety of practical examples. Furthermore, users can interact with each other on the platform by adding comments or questions to existing entries and share their own ideas with other educational professionals. The wiki already contains some exciting resources, which can be used right away. By the way, entries and resources can be added in any language and we have resources in French and German already. The browser extension Google Translate can be used to translate our wiki in more than 50 languages. We invite everyone interested in GBL to create, share and comment on the resources provided on our wiki!