One of the main outputs of the GATE:VET project is our GATE:VET app, which is available on iOS, Android as well as a web version through WebGL. The web version of the mobile app offers users the option to work on a larger screen, for easier gameplay and to facilitate the interaction with content. Essentially, the app has the same goal as the wiki: To provide teachers with insights into the theory and practice of GBL and to support them in gamifying their teaching.
The GATE:VET app is itself gamified and based on a micro learning approach. Organized as a toolbox, short articles on relevant topics as well as mini-games, flash cards and quizzes are available to assist teachers in better understanding GBL. Various activities are designed to develop teachers’ abilities to implement gamified activities in their teaching practice. The activities require minimal time and users can monitor their progression on the leader board. They can also collect points, badges and awards.
The interface of the application provides users with various access points to the content: objectives, activities and news. Users can learn about the more practical side of GBL in educational sheets and the underlying concepts or theories in the glossary section. There’s also the option of undertaking a training of the trainer activity to work through the contents in a guided way and to learn how the new knowledge could be shared with colleagues. Flashcards, articles or mini games provide the user with an opportunity to test their knowledge about the new subject matter. Mini games may be designed to test memory, vocabulary and knowledge on GBL tools, processes and strategies to be implemented in the classroom. Furthermore, a search tool (using a search bar based on predefined tags), a rating tool (using a 5-stars rating option) and a bookmark tool (to save content) facilitate exploration of the content.

This section offers a selection of recommended contents for every user thanks to an algorithm.
This section gives you access to all the contents (video clips, games, flashcards, articles, etc.) It also shows the level of progression for every theme.
This section presents the last articles, news or video clips published.